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Epigenetics has flourished to become one of the most revolutionary areas of science over the past decade. Also, advances in the understanding of epigenetic processes have led to a burst in interest in this area as a potential source of new targets for the discovery of medicines. While the promise of epigenetics is significant, it also presents some interesting challenges right from the developmental to translational phase.

However, enough progress has been made that it is worthwhile highlighting some emerging themes in terms of drug discovery approach with respect to emerging targets, inhibitors, biomarkers and clinical success of epigenetics across various diseases. At the 2nd Annual Epigenetics Discovery Congress which will be held on 8-9 September, 2016 in London - UK, researchers, academics and industry professionals working in epigenetic research can avail an opportunity to explore the potential of epigenetics to contribute towards novel and existing therapeutics, current progress and trends in the inclusion of epigenetics in drug discovery and development.

Who will attend?

  • Drug Discovery/Development Scientists
  • Molecular Biologists
  • Principal Investigators
  • Cell Biologists

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Academic Delegate£495
Industry Delegate £795
Solution Provider Delegate£995
University & Research Institutes (Early Bird) - 30th June 2017£420 (Till May 31 2016)
Industry Delegate (Early Bird) - 31st October 2017£675 (Till May 31 2016)


Key Sessions

  • Developmental Biology and Environment
  • Translational Epigenetics
  • Clinical Epigenetics and Biomarkers
  • Epigenetics Inhibitors and Emerging Targets
  • Cancer and Neurodevelopment
  • Bioinformatics Development in Epigenetics

Advisory Panel


Tamara Maes


Dr. Tamara Maes

Chief Scientific Officer
Oryzon, Spain



Dr. Paola B. Arimondo


Dr. Paola B. Arimondo

Research Director
CNRS EtaC, France



Dr. Hajji Nabil


Dr. Hajji Nabil

Lecturer in Epigenetics and Translational Oncology
Imperial College London, UK


  • Dr. Tamara Maes

    Chief Scientific Officer, Oryzon, Spain
  • Dr. Paola B. Arimondo

    Research Director CNRS EtaC, France
  • Dr. Daniel Vitt

    CSO, 4SC AG, Germany
  • Dr. Moshe Szyf

    Glaxo Smith Kline and James McGill Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University Medical School, Cananda
  • Prof. Dr. Manon van Engeland

    Dept. of Pathology, GROW-School for Oncology and Developmental Biology, Maastricht University Medical Center, Netherlands
  • Prof. Reinhard Stöger

    Associate Professor, Epigenetics, University of Nottingham
  • Prof. Rosalind M John

    Division Leader, Pathophysiology and Repair, Cardiff School of Biosciences
  • Prof. Richard Meehan

    Programme Leader, Chromosomes and Gene Expression, MRC Human Genetics Unit MRC IGMM, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Prof. Dr. Gianluca Sbardella

    Medicinal Chemistry, Head of EpigeneticMedChemLab Università di Salerno, Italy
  • Dr. Richard Chesworth

    Senior Vice President Research Epizyme, USA
  • Dr. Prof. Gian Tartaglia

    ICREA Research Professor, Gene Function and Evolution Centre for Genomic regulation (CRG), Barcelona
  • Prof. Frank Dekker

    Professor, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • Prof. Brian Lohse

    Associate Professor Chemical Biology & Molecular Biology University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Prof. Irene Maeve Rea

    Emeritus Professor School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Science, Ulster University, Ireland
  • Prof. A. Ganeshan

    Professor of Chemical Biology, School of Pharmacy, University Of East Anglia, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Guro Elisabeth Lind

    Group leader Epigenetics, Department of Molecular Oncology, Institute for Cancer Research Oslo University hospital, Norway
  • Dr. Tobias A. Knoch

    Group Leader, Biophysical Genomics Erasmus MC, Netherlands
  • Dr. Manfred Koegl

    Director in Oncology Research Boehringer Ingelheim, Vienna, Austria
  • Prof. Jenny Southgate

    Director, Jack Birch Unit of Molecular Carcinogenesis, Department of Biology University of York, UK
  • Dr. Matthew Suderman

    Senior Research Associate in Epigenetics and Social Science University of Bristol, UK
  • Dr. med. Elisabeth Hessmann

    Junior-Group-Leader Clinic for Gastroenterology and gastrointestinal Oncology, University Medical Center Goettingen, Germany


Gold Sponsor

Roche Sequencing

As pioneers in sequencing with a rich heritage in diagnostics, Roche Sequencing Solutions is committed to a future that fosters innovation to provide solutions that enable scientific discovery and deliver clinical value. Roche’s portfolio of proven target enrichment solutions is advancing research in human health, agriculture, evolutionary biology, and more.

Incorporated in our Sequencing Solutions team is Kapa Biosystems, a provider of genomic tools in the life sciences sector that employs proprietary technologies to optimize enzymes for next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample prep, as well as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and real-time PCR applications.

NugenNuGEN is a provider of sample preparation technologies and products for accurate and targeted genomic analysis of limited, degraded and otherwise challenging samples, with the flexibility of varying input amounts down to a single cell.  With solutions for both DNA and RNA, our portfolio offers rapid and simple workflows for a broad range of NGS applications including Methyl-Seq, strand-specific RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq and more.

Silver Sponsor

Cell Signaling TechnologyCST is a private, family-owned company, founded by scientists and dedicated to providing high quality research tools to the biomedical research community. Our employees operate worldwide from our U.S. headquarters in Massachusetts, and our offices in the Netherlands, China, and Japan. As scientists ourselves, we believe an antibody is only as good as the research it enables. For this reason, we are actively engaged in the development of technologies to facilitate signaling analysis and mechanistic cell biology research. And, the same scientists who produce and validate our primary antibodies are available to provide technical support for customers. In this way, we are able to supply customers with both the reagents and the information they need to achieve consistent, reliable results at the research bench.


DiagenodeOur goal is to develop cutting-edge products that advance research in the rapidly evolving field of epigenetics. The company actively develops and markets a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary products that offers complete solutions for epigenetics-related research. Diagenode's Bioruptor® Sonicator is a best-in-class instrument series which provides unrivaled performance, durability, and value for shearing a wide spectrum of biological samples. Diagenode also specializes in offering a complete range of chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and DNA methylation products. The SX-8G IP-Star® Compact Automated system represents the first complete system to automate ChIP and DNA methylation assays.


CisbioCisbio Bioassays develops and markets products and technologies used for in vitro diagnostics and drug discovery. With its proprietary technology, HTRF®, the company is a leader in homogeneous fluorescence detection methods, and offers first class assays and services for drug discovery researchers. In addition, Cisbio Bioassays provides a broad range of immunoassays for in vitro diagnostics, mainly tailored for cancerous pathologies, as well as metabolic and auto-immune diseases.

Based in Codolet, France, Cisbio Bioassays owns facilities in Bedford, MA, U.S.A., Shanghai, China, and Tokyo, Japan, and also markets its global offer through a network of distributors.

Reaction Biology CorpReaction Biology specializes in kinase and epigenetic drug discovery, with over 1000 targets available for HTS and profiling. RBC’s offering includes more than 600 kinases (radioisotope based assay using 33P), over 30 methyltransferases, 100+ reader domains, demethylases, HDACs, cell assays and more. RBC also excels in epigenetic and custom protein production.


AnalytikjenaAnalytik Jena offers a range of instruments and reagents. The innuCONVERT Bisulfite Basic Kit completely converts non-methylated cytosine to uracil in just a few hours. DNA sample denaturation and bisulfite treatment are combined in the same reaction vessel. After a total reaction time of approx. 3 hours, the converted DNA is isolated and desulfonated and is ready to use in downstream applications (such as PCR, sequencing, etc.). Visit our stand to learn more.


ChromatrapChromatrap products includes chromatin immuno-precipitation, enzymatic shearing and DNA clean-up kits with ChIP-validated antibodies and primers. Chromatrap solid-state ChIP assays are quicker, more sensitive and require less chromatin than others. The result is a quick, easy and sensitive protocol for producing high-purity DNA fragments which may be used for RT-PCR or sequencing. Chromatrap has research laboratories at Swansea University and R&D together with production facilities in the Porvair Sciences works at Wrexham, Wales.

Active Motif

Active Motif is the industry leader in developing and delivering innovative tools to enable epigenetics and gene regulation research. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and superior service & support to serve the life science, clinical and pharmaceutical/drug discovery communities. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of epigenetics-related products and services and the support of our team of epigenetic experts to provide complete and innovative solutions.Antibodies, ChIPseq, MeDIP/hMeDIP, Recombinant proteins, Screening assays,…


FluidX are sample tracking and storage experts. Adopting a 2D coded storage solution can assist your research and ensure your samples are safe and secure for years to come.

We advise biologists and chemists worldwide on best sample storage practice. The team at FluidX have decades of sample storage experience and we continue to develop and manufacture cutting edge products to enhance your research and better your workflow, at room temperature, -80 or LN2 conditions.

Cambridge Epigenetix Ltd. (CEGX)

Cambridge Epigenetix Ltd. (CEGX), a spin-out life sciences company spun out from the University of Cambridge, was co-founded in 2012 by Professor Shankar Balasubramanian FRS and Dr. Bobby Yerramilli-Rao. The company’s founding technology, oxBS sequencing, allows end-users to discriminate between 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) & 5-methylcytosine (5mC) at single-base resolution, which was previously impossible with traditional bisulfite sequencing methods. It has since developed a number of complementary technologies and seeks to capitalize on a wide set of applications in life sciences, as well as continue to develop breakthrough epigenetics tools. For more information, visit www.cambridge-epigenetix.com

EpigenDXEpigenDx is a GLP compliant and CLIA certified epigenomic research company dedicated to providing superior products and laboratory services. Our technical expertise and focus on quality and rapid turnaround time have made us a dependable partner to our customers worldwide since 2006. Services include targeted gene DNA methylation analysis using Pyrosequencing and NextGen Sequencing.


2nd Annual Epigenetics Discovery Congress is an ideal platform for researchers and academicians to showcase their findings in front of expert industry professionals.

All Poster presentations will take place in breaks and alongside the breakout sessions of the congress.  All the presentation will be displayed in a dedicated area along with accepted posters from both industry & Academia.

To present a poster the presenter should be registered as a delegate and the poster space will be assigned on a first come first basic (Subjected to successful registration & space availability). In order to present a poster at the forum, you need to be registered as a delegate.

Please note that there is limited space available and posters space is assigned on a first come first served basis (subject to checks and successful registration).

Posters should be presented as A0 or US equivalent, size E (841mm x 1189mm or 34 x 44 inches respectively) in portrait orientation.

For further details and requirements please contact:

Ajay Nimbalkar
Email: ajay.nimbalkar@mnmconferences.com
Tel:+91 20 3010 8270

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Cancer Epigenetics SocietyCancer Epigenetics Society
The Cancer Epigenetics Society is the first and largest society solely dedicated to cancer epigenetics. The Cancer Epigenetics Society promotes cancer epigenetics research and supports cancer patients worldwide by working on several fronts: the society publishes research articles on the basic, translational, preclinical, and clinical aspects of cancer epigenetics, provides scientists with several cancer epigenetics databases, produces scientific and educational videos, reports daily news that can help better manage or even prevent cancer, and provides access to cancer patient blogs, books, and advocacy and support groups. The Cancer Epigenetics Society is the official publisher of the journals Cancer Epigenetics and Clinical Cancer Epigenetics and awards annual prizes to the best research published in its journals from Society members. The society welcomes applications for membership (currently free) all year round.

One Nucleus

One Nucleus

One Nucleus is an international membership organisation for life science and healthcare companies. We are based in Cambridge with the majority of our members across the Cambridge/London corridor – at the heart of Europe’s largest life science and healthcare cluster.


OBN is the largest not-for-profit R&D company membership organisation in the UK, supporting and bringing together the UK’s innovative life sciences companies, corporate partners and investors. Our Member companies are located across the Golden Triangle and beyond to Nottingham, The Midlands, Manchester and Scotland benefiting from our networking, partnering, purchasing, advising, training, and advocacy activities.

MediWales is the life science network and representative body for Wales. An independent, not-for-profit organisation that is owned by its members, MediWales provides advice, support, business opportunities and promotes collaborations for the life science and health technology community in Wales. MediWales delivers an extensive events programme, including the UK HealthTech conference and the MediWales Innovation Awards and produces a number of publications including UK Lifescience Industry magazine, the Annual Directory and Review, and case study magazine, LifeStories. MediWales promotes and supports its members in Wales, across the UK and internationally. 

Bionow  is the life-sciences membership organisation for the North of England and supports business growth, competitiveness and innovation within the biomedical and life science sectors. Bionow’s membership offering focuses upon the specific needs of firms at their different stages of development, including dedicated business support programmes, shared procurement schemes with significant cost savings, exclusive insurance benefits, recruitment and training services, local and national events and access to a vibrant network of businesses. 

Epigenetics SocietyThe Epigenetics Society
The Epigenetics Society is an international scientific society open to all those interested in the epigenetics of any organism and all aspects of epigenetics, including:
> DNA methylation
> DNA hydroxymethylation
> Chromatin modification
      > Chromatin higher-order-structure and remodeling
      > Non-coding RNA related to chromatin structure or DNA modification

Membership in the society is free and provides a monthly e-news with “Abstracts in Press,” conference news, job postings and other announcements.

To join, go to our website http://epigeneticssocietyint.com/ 

BioPartner UKBioPartner

BioPartner is an independent, accredited trade organisation, promoting international partnering for trade, investment and collaborations with UK Life Science companies. BioPartner's delegations promote the UK presence at major international biopharma conferences, and companies are assisted with access to government grants and heavily discounted entry fees. Through the BioPartnership Programme, members receive extra benefits and support to effectively trade overseas. 



2nd Annual Epigenetics Discovery Congress will be held at the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel in United Kingdom.


London Heathrow Marriott Hotel
Bath Road,
Heathrow Airport Hayes UB3 5AN
United Kingdom

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Accommodation is currently available at the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel at discounted rates from £149 including breakfast and taxes. To make your reservation, please click here before 26th August 2016, booking in advance is recommend as there are a limited number of room available at this rate (Please note that we do not authorise any 3rd party agencies (e.g. Exhibitors Housing Management) to book on our behalf and, occasionally, companies fraudulently try to represent us.  If you are contacted by anyone other than me regarding your accommodation requirements for this event, please let me know immediately).

About the Venue

The London Heathrow Marriott Hotel has well-designed guest rooms which are complemented by intuitive service and comfortable amenities. The hotel’s location, a half mile from Heathrow Airport, allows guests to rest easy and enjoy stress-free travel connections with the airport’s handy Hoppa Bus shuttle service. Just a short drive from Twickenham Stadium, our hotel puts guests near motorways and the Heathrow Express so London attractions are only minutes away. Soundproof guest rooms include plush bedding, 24-hour room service and premium movie channels along with in-room laptop safes and large work areas. Five on-site restaurants, an indoor pool and fully-equipped Leisure Club provide added comfort and relaxation. Boasting 8,719 square feet of innovative event space, professional event managers and catering staff our hotel sets the stage for successful business and social events. Whether travelling on holiday or for business, our hotel is an ideal destination.

For further Infomration please contact:

Steve Hambrook | Conference Director

Email: steve.h@mnmconferences.com


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