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3D Printing has proved its potential in the areas of tissue engineering by the development of organoids, surgeries via bioprinters and pharmaceutical industry through the introduction of multiple ailments. After the two successful editions, 3rd Annual 3D Printing & Bio-printing in Healthcare aims to gather the key industry leaders, business heads, medical consultants, researchers and engineers from the Hospitals, Universities and Research Institutes across the globe.


The Conference is accredited by Benns for up to 11.0 CME points. Distribution of CME points:

Day 1 - 6.0 CME Points

Day 2 - 5.0 CME Points

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5 Hours of Networking


Time Speaker Name Presentation Title
09:20 Jos Vander Sloten 3D printing as a tool to provide personalized care to patients
09:50 Murtaza Tambuwala Three-dimensional (3D) printed tablets: A therapeutic strategy for ulcerative colitis
10:20 Hanna Berthag Bioink development for 3D bioprinting
11:40 Prof. Reinhilde Jacobs Should we print the mandible bone-like?
12:10 Avi Cohen Medical Solutions with Xjet Ceramic AM
12:40 Alvaro Goyanes 3D printing for pharmaceutical applications
14:10 Lorenzo Moroni Biofabrication strategies for 3D in vitro models and regenerative medicine applications
14:55 Solomon Dadia Innovative platform for 3D surgical planning and execution of bone tumor
16:15 Gal Yosef Synergy3DMed - SaaS management solutions for 3D Hubs
16:45 Rúben F. Pereira Extrusion bioprinting of cell-instructive bioinks for skin tissue engineering
Time Speaker Name Presentation Title
09:25 Annabel Braem , Anti-infective strategies for 3D printed implant surfaces
09:55 Jules Poukens The gold standard in patient specific 3D Printed implants
10:25 Karolis Gelazauskas Current situation in patient-specific virtual 3D planning
10:40 Milda Jokymaityte Web access 3D model-based ICT tool MICE
11:35 Charlotte Piard Biomimetic Cell Laden 3D Printed Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering
12:05 Federico Bolognesi CAD-CAM technology in maxillofacial custom-made reconstruction
12:35 Andrew J. Kobets Virtual modeling, stereolithography and Intraoperative CT guidance
14:05 Sandra Van Vlierberghe Development of cross-linkable (bio) polymers tuned towards their processing needs
14:05 Kirsten Borchers Bio-based Bioinks for printing of tissue-specific matrices
14:35 Dionysios Douroumis 3D printing of miniature medical devices for drug delivery
14:35 Vladimir Mironov Bioprinting in Space: Pioneering New Frontiers
15:05 Loic German Surface-modified 3D-printed environment for the control of stem cell behavior
15:05 Mostafa Ezeldeen 3D Printing for Tooth Autotransplantation: insights and lessons learned for Bio-printing
15:35 Veerle Bloemen Bioprinting for osteochondral tissue regeneration
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Jules Poukens
Jules Poukens

Chairman Department of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery


Dr. Jan Wolff
Dr. Jan Wolff

Head of the 3D Innovation Lab, VU University Medical Center, Netherlands

Kirsten Borchers
Kirsten Borchers

Senior Scientist

Fraunhofer- Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB


Our Speakers

Andrew J. Kobets
Andrew J. Kobets

Resident Physician

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Alvaro Goyanes
Alvaro Goyanes

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Pharmaceutics

University College of London

Charlotte Piard
Charlotte Piard

Research Fellow

University of Maryland

Jules Poukens
Jules Poukens

Chairman Department of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery


Federico Bolognesi
Federico Bolognesi

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Unit, University of Bologna, Italy

Lorenzo Moroni
Lorenzo Moroni

Professor, Biofabrication, MERLN Institute for Technology, Netherlands

Jos Vander Sloten
Jos Vander Sloten

Full Professor

KU Leuven Belgium

Sandra Van Vlierberghe
Sandra Van Vlierberghe

Full Professor, Polymer Chemistry & Biomaterials

University of Ghent Belgium

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