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It is widely recognized that cellular and gene therapies (also referred to as advanced cellular therapies) hold the potential to revolutionize health care for a variety of diseases. However, the limitations of current technologies, the complexity of manufacturing, safety, efficacy and reimbursement models and understanding regulatory requirements for cell-based and cell-derived products as therapies have led to only a few players making it to the commercial stages. The cell and gene therapy industry is yet to address certain gaps relating to these limitations that will facilitate clinical and commercial success of these therapies.

Key players all over the globe are also looking to tackle some crucial needs such as scalable manufacturing (upstream and downstream), robustness and efficiencies to make these advanced cellular therapies cost effective and safe.

Taking into consideration the above issues, the Bioprocessing of Advanced Cellular Therapies Congress took place on 2-3 June 2016 at the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel - UK and presented some of the recent developments, approaches and novel technologies for bioprocessing cellular therapies. The focus was on the engineering challenges faced in this field with respect to bioprocessing from early process development to manufacturing scales.
It aimed to support the delegates in successful translation of unique bioprocesses to robust, scaled manufacturing production for successful clinical translation. The two-day congress concluded with a summary into key aspects around regulatory requirements, business development and reimbursement insights.
Key sessions:
• Upstream process development for gene therapies
• Upstream process development for cell based therapies
• Downstream processing considerations
• Analytics - tackling measurement assurance for advanced cellular therapeutics
• Insights into Business Development and Reimbursement
• Regulatory perspectives

Key Speakers at the Conference:
Chris Mason, Professor Of Regenerative Medicine, University College Of London, UK
Otto-Wilhelm Merten, Head Of The Applied Vectorology And Innovation, Généthon, France
Bo Kara, Head Process Development, Advanced Therapy DeliveryGSK, UK
Anne Plant, Program Director For Biosciences, NIST, USA
Paula Marques Alves, Chief Executive Officer, IBET, Portugal
Steve OhDirector Stem Cell Bioprocessing, Bioprocessing Technology Institute, Singapore
John GrayVP, R&DAudentes, USA

Post Show Report  2016:

Click here to view post show report of Bioprocessing of Advanced Cellular Therapies Congress 2016

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Academic Delegate£495
Industry Delegate £795
Solution Provider Delegate£995


 Upstream process development for gene therapies

  • This session targets main challenges and bottlenecks in upstream processing of gene therapies. Right from discussing robust strategies for cell line selection to developing scalable and validatable, established and novel, manufacturing processes for these products.

• Upstream process development for cell-based therapies

  • Following the drive to better understand and control processes by implementing initiatives such as Quality by Design (QbD) and process analytical technology (PAT), this session will address these two topics in relation to the process development of upstream platforms for cell-based therapies.

 Downstream processing considerations

  • This session intends to cover established and novel approaches to address current challenges related to the downstream processing of cell and gene therapies. Presenting optimisation, development and innovation of purification technologies to ultimately address cost-effectiveness of these therapies by increasing product yield, quality and potency. Moreover, it will consider the role of scale - down models in developing large - scale manufacturing processes that are scalable, robust and cost-effective.

• Moving away from clean rooms to modular closed manufacturing

  • The race to be the first and the best is more intense than ever. The fierce competition and challenging economic models for these therapies have created a demand for multi-purpose highly flexible facilities. As a result of these needs, industry is looking to move towards closed, modular manufacturing models. Our panel of experts will discuss what this entails for the industry with respect to relevant practical considerations such as (but not limited to) automation by implementation of automated PAT strategies and their capacity to eliminate gaps in real-time process monitoring.

• Analytics - tackling measurement assurance for advanced cellular therapeutics

  • Following the previous discussion, this session hopes to provide further insight into analytics. Understanding and controlling measurements and sources of variability will enable us to develop an adequate QC strategy.

• Insights into business development and reimbursement

  • A very important session that will facilitate key discussions on how to tackle reimbursement strategies and how to build successful business models around complex companies for long term survival and profitability.

• Regulatory perspectives

  • This session will highlight discussions on regulatory perspectives and considerations. It aims to provide the attendees with viewpoints and perspectives from experts from various regulatory bodies from around the world.

Who Should Attend ?

Who attended?

Engineers, scientists, academics and professionals working in
• Cell Culture
• Cell Therapy
• Upstream Processing
• Biotechnology
• Stem Cell Culture
• Process Development Engineering
• Bioprocessing
• Downstream Processing
• Quality Control
• Bioengineering
• Scale-up/out
• Data management for cell-based products
Benefits of attending

• A chance to interact and network with key players in the field
• Great speaker and chair line-up will certainly ensure intellectually stimulating conversations

Advisory Panel

Fernanda Masri


Fernanda Masri

Process Development Engineer, 
Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM)


Otto-Wilhelm Merten


Otto-Wilhelm Merten

Head of the Applied Vectorology and Innovation, Genethon, France


Ana Sofia Coroadinha


Ana Sofia Coroadinha

Head of Cell Line Development & Molecular Biotechnology,
IBET/ITQB-UNL, Animal Cell Technology Unit, Portugal


Bo Kara


Bo Kara

Head of Process Development,
Advanced Cellular Therapy Delivery, GSK - UK

Anita Joshi


Anita Joshi

Biotechnology Consultant, Healthcare | FnB,
Markets and Markets



  • Otto-Wilhelm Merten

    Head of the Applied Vectorology and Innovation,
    Généthon, France
  • Bo Kara

    Head Process Development, Advanced Therapy Delivery, GSK, UK
  • Anne Plant

    Program Director
    Biosciences NIST, USA
  • Paula Marques Alves

    Chief Executive Officer
    IBET, Portugal
  • Steve Oh

    Director, Stem Cell Bioprocessing, BIP Programme Director & Senior Principal Scientist
    Stem Cell Group Bioprocessing Technology Institute, Singapore
  • John Gray

    VP, R&D Audentes
  • Michael Kallos

    Professor & Director Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program University of Calgary, Canada
  • Dr. Sven Kili

    VP and Development Head, Gene Therapy division GSK, UK
  • Dr Robert J Thomas

    Reader in Manufacturing for Cell Based Therapies; EPSRC Early Career Fellow Centre for Biological Engineering (CBE), Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Loughborough University, UK
  • Jurjen Velthuis

    Vice President CMC Kiadis Pharma, Netherlands
  • Peter Jones

    Head of Manufacturing Development Oxford BioMedica
  • Mark McCall

    Enterprise Fellow, Centre for Biological Engineering Loughborough University, UK
  • Margarida Menezes-Ferreira

    National Scientific Advice Coordinator, Senior Assessor/Medicines Evaluation Department INFARMED, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Olive J. Sturtevant

    Administrative Director of the Cell Manipulation Core Facility Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston-Massachusetts
  • Dr Marc-Olivier Baradez

    Lead Scientist Analytical Development CT Catapult
  • Dr Damian Marshall

    Head of Analytical Development CT catapult
  • Dr. Ivan Wall

    Senior Lecturer Department of Biochemical Engineering, University College London
  • Nina Kotsopoulou

    Head, Process Development Autolus Ltd, London, UK
  • Dr. Qasim Rafiq

    Assistant Professor, Bioprocess engineering Aston Medical Research Institute, Aston University, UK


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European Society for BiomaterialsThe European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) was founded in March 1976, and became a member of the International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Sciences and Engineering (IUS-BSE) at its conception, in 1979. The ESB today has approximately 750 members from 33 different countries worldwide.

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