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With the growing need of personalized medicine, the results of biomarker testing are highly essential. Also around, 70% of Cancer Compounds are being developed with biomarker data. However, owing to the low success probability of expensive clinical studies, it is important to mitigate the challenges in the initial phases of Biomarker discovery and validation.

MnM Conferences announces The Biomarker Conference, taking place in February 18-19, 2016. The Biomarker Conference will help overcome critical challenges in developing a first time right, cost-effective and reliable biomarker strategy. Industry leaders and technology pioneers will gather to discuss the latest solutions and strategies to overcome challenges in clinical phase and better biomarker data and applications.

Exclusive pre-event speaker interview

Dr. Sandip Patel, Assistant Professor, Cancer Immunotherapy Program, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center will be speaking at the conference on 'Biomarkers for Cancer Immunotherapy'.

We recently did a short interview with him, excerpts from the interview are as follows:

1) What are the areas of Biomarker research that you are working on currently?

I am currently an assistant professor at UCSD Moores Cancer Center focusing on immunotherapeutic biomarker development and early phase clinical trials with combinatorial immunotherapy. I am focused on methods combining immunohistochemical analysis of the tumor microenvironment, tumor sequencing and neoantigen prediction, and transcriptional signatures of response. Additionally, am interested in peripheral blood biomarkers of immunotherapeutic response and toxicity. Overall, I have a longstanding interest in oncology, and in particular, an interest in developing anti-cancer therapies that overcome traditional resistance mechanisms related to immune evasion, with a focus on combinatorial cancer therapy involving targeted therapy, cellular therapy, and immunotherapeutics.

2) What are the challenges and recent key developments in the field of Biomarker? 

Multiple disparate PD-L1 IHC assays with varying cutoffs which are companion diagnostics to a variety of different agents. Active studies such as BLUEPRINT hope to harmonize these assays across diagnostic platforms. A lack of peripheral blood biomarkers of immunotherapeutic response limit the ability to predict which patients will respond to immunotherapy.

3) What would be the highlights of your presentation at the conference?

Overview of immunobiology to guide immunotherapeutic biomarker development. Summary of predictive biomarker development in the field of immune checkpoint blockade to date. Overview of the future of cancer immunotherapy with a focus on biomarker-driven combinatorial therapy.

4) What is the most interesting aspect of Biomarkers according to you? 

The myriad of technologies across disciplines that allow for a more precise understanding of the tumor microenvironment, with the goal of better predicting which patients will respond to with immunotherapies. The number of technologies now available to better help patients is truly amazing.

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